Is now sponsored and organized by Unity of Nanaimo. Meetings are held the first and third Thursday evenings of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Unity Centre from September until June.
Over the 14 years of the Network's history, we have welcomed speakers, readers and healers from a variety of holistic, metaphysical and psychic disciplines,  and topics have included Near Death Experiences, ghosts, sound and vibrational energies, gemstones and crystals as well as many alternative healing disciplines.
Our meetings begin with a short meditation followed by a brief networking session (an opportunity for attendees to share what they are doing) followed by the guest's prepared talk, a brief intermission and question and answer period.
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If you would like to share information with the network or know of some interesting speakers, feel free to contact us.  We are always looking for informative metaphysical speakers to share their knowledge.
May 17th, 7p.m. with Debra Mallet, Intuitive Medium,
by donation
Join us for an evening of messages from those who have passed over with Clairvoyant Empathic Medium, Debra Mallet.
I would like to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Debra.  I am an Intuitive Clairvoyant Empathic Medium.  I have the gift of understanding or knowing information without the aid of any direct evidence or reasoning.  With the ability of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision, I have the ability to share information and pass on messages from the other side to those in the here and now. 
My mission is to receive messages from loved ones (spirit) who have passed over and to give those messages to those who are in  need of a kind word, a message or closure.
My primary goal is to help people.  I want my clients to understand and accept the existence of the afterlife.  Clients will come to appreciate their loved ones are by their side; helping, encouraging, and guiding them.  I wish to bring inner peace to clients I read by giving them messages from Spirit.  I look forward to working with you to help improve the lives of many, bringing inner peace to all I read by connecting you with Spirit.
Metaphysical Network presents Animal Communicator, Michele Jarvis Wonnacott, Talk Title:  "What Your Pet Really Wants You to Know" on June 7th, 7:00 p.m. by donation.
This is a rare opportunity to get to know your animal companion on a whole other level.  Since 2002, Michele has beeninundated with behavioural challenges in thousands of dogs, cats and horses by people surrounding the globe.   Michele owned and operated the number one dog training company in Victoria, BC and has helped over 7,000 pets to be heard and understood.  For years the owners, veterinarians, biofeedback testing and animal Chiropractors have confirmed her results over and over again.
At this time Michele is in the process of publishing books on a few subjuest on sharing your life with dogs.   One of those books includes a work - book called "I Give Your Permission To Grieve, from the dog".
Yes, dogs from the other side have many messages to share with you as well.  What do you think your pet would really like to you to know?  Animal Communication  uncovers the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of your pet.   Michelle is coming to you on June 7th for a rare evening to share a bit of what your pet wants you to know. 
Note:  Send in a picture of your pet to Unity Centre and we will put it up on the screen and Michele will share with us a brief communication with your pet.  Find out what your pet really wants ot tell you.
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Metaphysical Network, June 21st, Sound & Energy Summer Solstice Celebration, 7:00 p.m. by donation with MJ Vermette, of Sacred Fire Music.
Ground, Blance, Unify.  Celebrate Sound.  Celebrate Light!
In a relaxed, open-hearted atmosphere, this Intentional Sound Experience will be initiated by a Guided Sound Meditation, to help you attain a state of deep peace, set your intention for personal awakening & connect you with your inner wisdom.  In celebration of the Summer Solstice, you will be invited to honor the earth and celebrate the light of consciousness within yourself and others, while immersing in the intuitive, mysical drumming & chanting of Worldbeat Music Medicine Artist, MJ Vermette of SacredFire.  You will also experience hand-on Sound & Energy self-care practices to benefit health, balance and self-awareness, and develop your ability to use your heart intelligence to attain a state of stillness; to restore & shift your energy.  **If you have any, bring your drums, rattles, singing bowls & any other sound healing instruments.**
The benfits of Sound & Energy Medicine are to stimutlate the realease of endorphin in our bodies, therefore increasing a feeling of well-being and, in some cases, decreasing the need for medication.  It provides relief from stress and anxiety, which are known to cause physical and emotional imbalances such as high blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, weight disorders, depression and other various health issues. 
Bio:  MJ Vermette is a musician, sound healing artist, workshop facilitator and certified Body-Mind Taist Acupressure & Energy Therapy Practritioner, specialized in Sound Massage.  She has an extensive experience, supporting other people healing from trauma, addiction, abuse, emotional, mental or physical challenges and has offered her expertise in diverse wellness events and facilities such as the Chopra Center for Wellbeing.  
As a skilled facilitator, vocalist and hand drummer, she has been offering Intutuitive Sound & Energy; Voice and Drumming Self-Expression Workshops since 2004; a unique concept that allows her therapeutic expertise to blend with her artistic personality, to help people radiate peace, health and positive force.  Raised and trained in Montreal, she moved to the Vancouver area in 2010, where she formed SoundFire with Dean Richards.  Together, they have produced three music albums and presented their Intentional Worldbeat Music Medicine Concerts & Workshops in B.C., Alberta and Quebec and internationally in USA, England, France, Germany and Mexico.
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