Is now sponsored and organized by Unity of Nanaimo. Meetings are held the first and third Thursday evenings of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Unity Centre from September until June.
Over the 14 years of the Network's history, we have welcomed speakers, readers and healers from a variety of holistic, metaphysical and psychic disciplines,  and topics have included Near Death Experiences, ghosts, sound and vibrational energies, gemstones and crystals as well as many alternative healing disciplines.
Our meetings begin with a short meditation followed by a brief networking session (an opportunity for attendees to share what they are doing) followed by the guest's prepared talk, a brief intermission and question and answer period.
Check out our schedule of upcoming speaker.
If you would like to share information with the network or know of some interesting speakers, feel free to contact us.  We are always looking for informative metaphysical speakers to share their knowledge.


Nanaimo Metaphysical Network Presents:  Lucy Liu, 
September 20th, by suggested donation of $7.00
Talk Title:  How to Manifest and Create a Soulmate Relationship.  
*Lucy Liu will feature: 
*How the mind works for manifestation
*The Key elements for a lasting relationship
*The masculine and feminine Energy Principals
*How to manisfest a great relationship with Cosmis Laws
*NLP in human psychology and relationships
*And much much more.....
Lucy Liu is founder of and offers many alternative solutions to your health and healing.  check out her website for many tips and her upcoming workshops.


Nanaimo Metaphysical Network Presents: ' The Intention Circle', with Lorraine Jensen and Dr. Norm  Detillieux on October 4th at 7:00p.m., by suggested donation of $7.00
Exploring the power of intention:  getting clear on what you want and learning how to effectively work with energy that is freely ours to create great results. 
Since our first event, numerous Intention Circles around our area have formed.  Each circler is practicing the power of intention regularly.  During this short time we have been amazed by the results people have been creating for themselves and others. 
Step into the possibility and join us for an experiential evening of co-creation as we play in the field and practice intention.  We welcome all miracles, manifestations, breakthroughs and healings. 
Lorraine Jensen has always been a firm believer in Winnie the Pooh's quote, "It's always better with two." She is beyond excited to see the power of intentions growth, bringing families, communities and teams together to create extraordinary results in their lives and our world. 
Dr. Norm Detillieux is a seeker and is fascinated by energy dynamics and the quantum field.  He is on a quest to expand our consciousness and share the message of the potential we all have to heal from within. 
"See you in the Circles!"
Intention Circles Workshop
Saturday, October 6th from 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
Unity Spiritual Education Centre
2325 East Wellington Road, Nanaimo
Facilitators:  Lorraine Jensen and Dr. Norm Detillieux
by donation
Exploring the power of intention:  getting clear on what you want and learning how to effectively work with energy that is freely ours to create great results.  A full day, experiential, immersion in the field of possibility through intention.  Learn practical tools and resources to apply to your practice.  Meet other like minded people so you too can be part of an Intention Circles group. Following the workshop, each participant will receive a 12 email series to support the start up and runnings of a successful Intention Circles group.
"Living consciousness somehow is the influence that turn the possibility of something into something real.  The most essential ingredient in creating our universe is the conscousness that observe it"  -Lynne McTaggart
Join us to co-create with hands-on-practice and please share with others and invite a friend. 
To register email:
Bring a journal and a bag lunch
See you in the Circles!
Nanaimo Metaphysical Network Presents, CE-5 (Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind), with Dawn Turner on October 18th at 7:00p.m. by suggested donation of $7.00
Hi my name is Dawn Turner.  I am a 50+ (okay, closer to 60) Canadian business woman who lives and works in Nanaimo, BC.  I grew up in northern BC where I enjoyed the freedom of hiking in fields and forests, communing with birds and trees.  I collected rocks and fossils and tried to learn the names of all the plants and creatures.  I do miss the quiet and solitude of that kind of life but for now I am where I want to be.  
More recently, I have grown extremely interested in the SIRIUS Disclosure Project.  I have completed two weeks of CE-5 tranining with Dr. Steven Greer and have started a local group called CE-5 Nanaimo
CE-5 is the abbreviation of the term "Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind"  It means, in short, human-initiated contact with extraterrestrial life forms (ETs).  Over the past 25+ years, Dr. Greer has been developing and refining CE-5 protocols that work.  He is training others to use these tools and challenging us to go our and train still more people.  My plan is to start educating Vancouver Islanders in the protocols, but also teach why we are doing this work and how it may offer hope for our future. 
For me, the journey started when I had a series of sightings as a teen, one of which was particularly memorable in that there seemed to be some form of communciation going on between me and the craft.  I always wonderd why "they" would have come to see me of all people.  But life goes on and the decades pass.  You get a job, you raise children, and then one day grandchildren come along. 
That's how it was for me - until I stumbled upon the movie Unacknowledged one day and all the pieces of my life seemed to fall into place.  I knew that I suddenly had a new purpose and would dedicate my remaining years to it. 
In May 2018 I joined Dr. Greer and about 25 others for a week-long ET-contact and CE-5 training session in Arizona.  Then in July 2018 I again joined Dr. Greer and 20 or so others for advanced training at Mt. Shasta.  It was incredible!  I learned a lot and met some amazing people who are passionate about CE-5.
And now I want to share what I have learned with Nanaimo and area residents so that we can spread a word of hope to others. 
I look forward to sharing with you on October 18th. 

Nanaimo Metaphysical Network Presents Dee Montie, Talk Title:  TBA on November 1st at 7:00p.m. by suggested donation of $7.00

Dee is an intuitive Shamanic Healer offering herself as a conduit to your connection with the wisdom and healing nature of your Spirit Guides.  With the power and magic of our intentions and collaboration with Spirit, we create healing and balance through messages of eternal wisdom and energetic healing.  Discover what you need to move forward in your life, and begin!
Intuitive Shamanic Healing enhances your ability to seek and find your own answers to life problems by helping you to access energy and information from a deeper sense of yourself, your soul and your Spiritual Guides.  My role is to connect to spiritual energies with the intention of creating healing and balance within your being.  The ability to heal comes from the natural elements of the earth and helping Spirits.  As an intermediary, I access the spirit world on your behalf, and I ask Spirit to guide me and channel through me so that together we can bring about energetic healing and offer wisdom in relation to your life. 
"Dee is a gifted practitioner.  Under her gentle guidance, I was able to journey deep into my body and tap into the wisdom that it has to share.  Her voice, softly telling me what she felt as she worked with my body, put words to ideas that Ihadn't been able to articulate on my own.  From the very first interation of making the appointment, to leaving the session feeling both calm and energized, Dee provided exactly the right amount of support.  If you are looking for a deeper healing experience than purely physical therapies, give this a try.  Thank you, Dee, I am so grateful for your gifts."  --Erin H.
more on her talk to follow


Nanaimo Metaphysical Network Presents, Don Giberson, Destiny Coach & President of DreamCrafters Inc.  Talk Title:  Live Your Destiny, on November 15th, 7:00 p.m. by suggested donation of $7.00
Live Your Destiny:  How to find, follow and fulfill your unique soul purpose Don Giberson, Destiny Coach and President, DreamCrafters Inc.
"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Pierre Tielhard de Chardin
As de Chardin reminds us, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.
Prior to coming into our current human life, each of us created a unique soul purpose to serve as a blueprint for this lifetime.  And we will never truly be happy until we discover and begin to pursue that soul plan. 
In this fun and interactive presentation, Don will
*share how he was guided to discover his own unique soul purpose
*provide tools and techniques you can use to help you find your own unique sould purpose
*demonstate how we can use Spiritual Response Therapy (S.R.T.) to clear present and past life programs that may be interfering with our soul purpose.
Don has been a student of metpahysics and member of Unity For over 20 years.  He was an instructor at the Global Law of Attraction Training Centre for 4 years where he helped train and certify new Law of Attraction coaches.  He is the founder and President of DreamCrafters Inc., an international training and coaching company which offers programs used by clients in over 60 countries.  Con also teaches "Enlightened Attraction, a soul-centered approach to Law of Attraction that shows us how to discover and align with the life that is seeking us. 
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