Rev. Patricia Zogar

Rev. Patricia was introduced to the New Thought philosophy in 1979 when she attended a weddng and a memorial in a New Thought church in rapid succession.
Although she was raised without a spiritual tradition she had, since childhood, yearned for a spiritual aspect to life; she instantly knew that this philosophy, with its reference to "The Universal Mind" and "The Infinite" was for her, and that her calling was to become a New Thought minister.  She immediately began studying through The Ernest Holmes College, with Edmonton's Dr. Jacquie Darby and many other self-directed studies.
In 1999, she was appointed Spiritual Leader of the Positive Living Centre of Victoria and in 2001, she was ordained by Dr. Jacquie Darby of the International Alliance of Churches of Truth, Canada.
In 2008, she answered the call to Winnipeg and was licensed as a Religious Science (Science of Mind) Practitioner and Minister. She served 3 years in Winnipeg and 2 in Kamloops before "retiring" back to Vancouver Island in 2013.  Shortly thereafter, she was invited to Unity of Nanaimo as a guest speaker and over the next 2 years, her relationship with the congregation deepened and grew, it became clear that she was "not done yet" and on April 1, 2016 she was appointed minister.  She is continuing her spiritual development through studies with Unity Worldwide Ministries.
Patricia's other passion is the arts, particularly theatre, and she brings her humour, love of music and joyful self-expression to her ministry.
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