Weddings & More

Weddings,  Memorial Services, Naming Ceremonies,..... we can support you in your desire to recognize and celebrate the spiritual dimensions of the passages in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

We can help make one of the most important days of your life even more meaningful. Rev. Patricia is happy to tailor your ceremony so that it is consistent with your spiritual understanding.  She is happy to serve people of all faith traditions - or none.    Whether you choose to have your wedding ceremony at the Unity Centre, at home or outdoors, she will work with you to create your vision.

Memorial Services
At the time of the passing of a loved one, many people want a service and don’t know where to turn. We are here to support people in times of grief and loss. We can provide services at the location of your choice. Our services are positive, uplifting celebrations of the life lived. We honor each person’s spiritual traditions.

Naming Ceremonies
This is an ancient ritual, the purpose of which is to recognize the spiritual identity and purpose of a soul, to dedicate the child to a higher purpose and to commit to providing an environment that will foster spiritual growth.  It is the act of welcoming a child into our world and recognizing this soul by name in its human journey. It is a time for parents to dedicate themselves to raising their child in an awareness of God’s loving presence.

Godparents ~ You may choose as many people as you wish, or have no Godparents. There is no legal obligation or responsibility other than those agreed to by the parents and Godparents..

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